Klout For Business

For Brands

Your business needs influencers. They’re already talking about your industry and maybe even your products. Find and engage these influencers and they can become evangelists for your brand. Klout allows you to find influencers based on topic or hashtag. Do you know the value of your customers? Historically lifetime value has been measured based on purchases, but with Klout you can understand their network value. People trust recommendation more than advertisements; Klout allows business to tap into that power.

Your Business should:

  • Know who your most influential customers are (and communicate with them)
  • Find out who’s influential in your industry/area
  • Discover who’s talking about your brand and how much reach they have
  • Maximize your own influence and drive positive conversations about your brand

You can also connect directly with influencers through Klout Perks.

For Applications

How can your application leverage Klout? Knowing who’s important on any given topic or in a certain situation is a game-changer for many applications. Our API lets you easily integrate Klout score and influence to take your app to the next level.

What are some of the applications leveraging Klout?

  • Social Media Management
    • Sort incoming messages based on Klout score
    • See how influential fans are
    • Chart how influential the overall audience is
    • Examples: CotweetHootsuite, and Tap 11
  • Social Search
    • Surface the most relevant people associated to any search term
    • Sort based on influence
    • Examples: Live Intent and Tweetup
  • CRM and Lead generation
    • Find how influential customers and potential leads are
    • Find influencers on relevant topics
    • Examples: Rapportive and Flowtown

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