Top 10 Influencers on Beer

The 4th of July holiday weekend is not only a celebration of US independence, it is also one of the biggest weekends for barbecues and, let’s be honest, beer. So when you’re choosing the beer for your get-together, we want to make sure you know who to ask for advice. We’re pleased to present the top 10 influencers on the topic of beer.

We found these influencers by looking at the action they’re driving specifically on beer and related topics. When these influencers share their opinions on beer their content get shared, responded to, and spread throughout many networks.

Without further ado…

So an extra congratulations to our top 10 and a happy holiday to everyone else!


Klout Stars: Dan Schawbel

Our Klout Stars series highlights top influencers and how they got to where they are today.

About Dan: Dan Schawbel, recognized as a “personal branding guru” by The New York Times, is the Managing Partner of Millennial Branding, LLC, and the author of the #1 international bestselling book, Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan, October 2010). Dan is the founder of the Personal Branding Blog, the publisher of Personal Branding Magazine, the youngest columnist at BusinessWeek, and has been featured in over 400 media outlets, such as The Details Magazine and ELLE Magazine. He’s spoken at Google, Harvard Business School, MIT, Time Warner, IBM, and CitiGroup. Dan was named to the Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 List in 2010, and BusinessWeek cites him as someone entrepreneurs should follow on Twitter.

We asked…

1. How did you get started on social media?

“I started my first blog called “Driven to Succeed” back in October 2006 because I wanted to help college students get internships, jobs and establish their careers. Then, I created the Personal Branding Blog, which helps individuals understand how to use social media for career success. I was posting ten to twelve times per week on my blog, while writing articles about personal branding for, The American Marketing Association, and BrandWeek Magazine, commenting on every blog that mentioned the topic, and then I launched Personal Branding Magazine. Fast Company profiled me after six months and I was recruited internally at my company to be their first social media specialist, which inspired me to write Me 2.0. Two years later I launched my company and have been enjoying the ride ever since.”

2. What’s your strategy for the content you produce and share on social media?

“My strategy has changed drastically since I first started in social media because the competitive landscape has evolved. I used to be the only contributor to my blog and now I don’t contribute at all! We have several contributors to write for the site, which allows it to scale. My new job is to attract new visitors to the site who will read my teams posts, using social networking sites, my columns, and publicity.”

3. What advice do you have for someone who wants to take their social media influence and presence to the next level?

“Every year you ask this question, it will become more challenging to stand out online because new influence has already been created and influencers are established. Your job is to narrow down your focus and blend your passion and expertise together so that you can be committed to your social media use over the long haul. You have to really care about your topic because social media forces you to update your status daily and pay attention to trends. Be consistent, network as much as you can, and never give up! ”

Want to hear more from Dan? Follow him on Twitter as @DanSchawbel.

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Top 10 Women with Klout

Although the top influencer on Klout is a guy (@JustinBieber), many of the top influencers are female and doing an amazing job creating content and engaging on the social web. We put together a list of the top 10 women with Klout. You’ll notice they are all real life celebrities, which fits given the incredible amounts of engagement they receive. Looks like it’s time to officially crown Lady Gaga the queen of Klout!

In the future we’d love to highlight female influencers in various categories so we can see some of the ladies in tech, business, and more.

Win a Ticket to Social: IRL with Peter Shankman

We’re excited to be working with Social: IRL to give away two tickets to a special boot camp event with Peter Shankman. The event is July 19th in Lawrence, KS and focus on relationships with customers in the age of social media. Peter Shankman is known for founding HARO (Help a Reporter Out) as well as an author and marketing expert.

We know students and job seekers may not be able to afford the ticket price so we’re offering two free tickets. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a marketing rockstar.

To apply for one of the two complimentary registrations, applicants should describe in 500 words or less what they would hope to learn from Peter and how they feel using social media can impact their future career opportunities. Apply on Social: IRL’s online contact form. Make sure to include full name, email, contact phone number, and Twitter user name (if applicable).

Entries must be received by end of day Monday, July 11. Individuals selected to receive the complimentary registrations will be contacted Wednesday, July 13, and will need to be available to attend the Social: IRL event on Tuesday, July 19. Winners will each receive a complimentary event registration. They will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses. Registrations are nontransferable. No cash substitutions.

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Dads with Klout

He taught you how to bike, went to your sports games as a kid, and you’re gonna celebrate him (I hope) this Sunday on Father’s Day. We wanted to share some of the top Dad voices on the social web. These guys know the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood and they’re brave enough to share it on Twitter, Facebook and their blogs.

These aren’t simply the dads with the highest Klout Scores, but a range of fathers who are influencing on the subject of being a dad and parenthood.

I can’t help but give an early Father’s day shoutout to my own dad (@TimBerry), do the same for yours with hashtag #kloutdads!

We’re looking forward to hearing about all the great #kloutdads out there!

Klout Stars: Timothy Welsh

Our Klout Stars series highlights top influencers and how they got to where they are today. I’m excited to interview Timothy Welsh today since he is known as one the strongest advocates for Autism on social media.

About Timothy: Timothy Welsh has established himself as a leading Autism advocate on Twitter and other social media platforms. Otherwise known as @TannersDad, Tim uses blogging, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook to advocate for greater resources for families who have loved ones dealing with Autism. His mission will continue until services are given freely and discrimination based on Geographic home, Socioeconomic status, and Ethnicity is ended. Also, every parent gets a hug and hears or reads “I Love You”.

We asked…

1. How did you get started on social media?

“After having two heart attacks at 38 and dealing with my Son Tanner’s profound regression due to Autism, I began to write. Two years ago I was introduced at the AutismOne conference in Chicago. Everyone stood up and clapped. I covered my face. Then the National Speaker took the stage and stopped in the middle of her speech, She said something I wrote caused her not to commit suicide. I realized the Impact of Social Media and spurred on my Advocacy for Autism Support services and reform.”

2. What’s your strategy for the content you produce and share on social media?

“I have many avenues in which I reach out. First personal contact and interaction. Second I consider myself a news aggregator. I gather relevant news for stakeholders dealing with Autism. Third I blog on various sites. Fourth My team has an Infotainment strategy including book promotion, standard old school media, and a movie coming out next year. And Finally daily content for all. Daily Prayer, Twitter Tips, #FAY Feel Autism Yet? quotes from stakeholders dealing with Autism.”

3. What advice do you have for someone who wants to take their social media influence and presence to the next level?

“Interact interact interact. So many confuse Social Media with Broadcast media. People are very lonely, scared, and need support right now. Inspire, dream, share, be Honest, and complement others. I love the new addition of Adding K to others now through Klout. I have used Klout Metrics from day one. Learn about those you influence. Ask those who you influence why. I would be happy to mentor and help all navigate there way through the social, new, and Cause Media Maze. TannersDad Tim Autism Advocate. ”

Want to hear more from Timothy? Follow him on Twitter as @TannersDad or check out Generation Rescue to help out.

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Top 10 Most Influential Musicians

If one tweet from 50cent can affect the stock market, there is little doubt that social media can affect CD sales and an artist’s popularity. Nowadays, an artist joining or leaving Twitter makes headlines and effectively harnessing social media is no longer optional, but essential for new and established artists alike. We found the top ten most influential musicians/artists based on Klout to show who is the best at leveraging and engaging with their audience. Unsurprisingly, Justin Bieber is in lead along with many other young artists such as Joe Jonas and Miley Cyrus.

Check it out below: (or see a Klout list version)

So do other well-known artists compare to these social media gurus? Coldplay is an 81, MC Hammer a 74, and Dave Matthews is a 54. Clearly, being well-known is not enough to make it into the top 10. Who are your favorite artists on Twitter and do you think they’re successfully using it?