Klout Comes to Facebook Fan Pages

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with Involver to allow brands to provide customized experiences to their Facebook fans based on Klout Scores. Besides the number of fans, brands know surprisingly little about who those people are, their potential reach, and have little ability to message them individually. Now, with this partnership, brands can choose to give different offers, promotions, or messaging to fans based on their Klout. We’re excited to have Audi on board as our first partner on their Audi USA fan page.

Read the full press release below:

Klout Comes to Facebook: Brands and Agencies Can Now Engage Facebook Fans Based on Klout Scores

Involver App, built in SML™, allows brands and agencies to customize engagement, promotions, and offers to reward influential fans

SAN FRANCISCO – June 22, 2011 – Involver Inc., the web’s most trusted social marketing platform, and Klout, the standard for influence across the social web, today bring Klout to Facebook, giving brands a new way to engage with their most influential fans, and rewarding consumers based on their influence, as measured by Klout. Facebook has been largely devoid of the ability to filter how brands focus their attention. This integration marks the first time brands can engage with their fans on Facebook using the Klout scoring system.

Audi USA, the brand with the most actively engaged Facebook fans, has deployed the new Klout app to engage with its nearly 4 milion fans in a more customized and personalized way. Live now on Audi’s Facebook fan page, users will receive a customized brand experience, tailored to them based on their Klout score. On Audi’s Facebook page, fans who sign up to get their Klout Score will receive a custom digital Perk.

With this integration the Klout app is fully developed in Involver’s SML™, which means brands and agencies can incorporate a user’s Klout scores to dynamically change the content/interaction with the Involver platform applications. An agency or brand can create highly customized experiences across the spectrum of Klout scores, unlocking the ability to uniquely target connected influencers.

By partnering with Involver, Klout’s Facebook app is easily deployed to more than 400,000 brands and agencies using Involver’s platform. The Klout app is available as a free application and with progressivly more features enabled as a part of Involver’s Professional, Business, and Enterprise offerings with advanced features including deeper customization, and content control based on Klout scores.

How the Klout App Works
● A brand deploys the Klout App and configures it settings
● Once fan interacts with the application the brand is able to show different content based on users’ Klout scores. Like a “fan-gate” on steroids.
● Example: When a user above a certain threshhold interacts, they get access to special, unreleased content (a new trailer, product, coupon, etc.). That person is more likely to share it, and it’s more likely to catch on.

“We identified Klout as a skilled partner to help us recognize and identify our Facebook fans with followings and influence,” said Doug Clark, General Manager, Social Media & Customer Engagement, Audi of America whom is currently using the application “We currently have over 3,500,000 fans on Facebook and we see this as a great tool to help manage and work more directly with our fan base.”

“Facebook represents a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their fans and deliver a unique experience,” said Joe Fernancez, founder and CEO, Klout. “The real value for brands comes in being able to personalize and customize that experience based on specific attributes of individuals. Involver helped us make Klout scores actionable for brands and agencies on the most influential social platform out there.”

“The new Klout app is particularly exciting for us because of the deep customization and personalization around fan engagement,” said Rahim Fazal, CEO and Co-Founder, Involver. “Brands like Audi have massive followings, and the logical next step is to empower those brands and their agencies to engage with their fans in specific, highly personalized ways.”

The Klout app is now available directly from Klout and Involver.

About Involver
Involver is the solution of choice for the world’s biggest brands trying to connect with customers on social networks. Over 400,000 brands and agencies — including Nike, Facebook, Cisco, and the NFL — use Involver to power their marketing efforts to a combined audience of over a billion relationships.

Involver pioneered the first social app suite on Facebook and is now leading the industry with SML (Social Markup Language), allowing front-end developers to achieve pixel-perfect application development. Involver’s Audience Management Platform acts as a marketer’s system of record, bringing everything from app management and wall response/moderation to publishing updates and analytics into a single intuitive interface.

Involver is a Facebook Preferred Developer and a technology provider for Facebook’s internal marketing team, with applications like the Involver Leaderboard and Stories. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA with Offices in Austin, TX and New York, NY Involver was founded in 2007 and investors include Bessemer Ventures, Cervin Ventures and WTI. Learn more at http://www.involver.com.

If you are interested in a similar integration for your fan page, please email partners@klout.com. Note that this is not a way of measuring the Klout Score of your page, but a way to engage with your fans based on their score. Thanks!


About.me Integrates Klout

About.me allows people to create a custom profile to act as their online hub. As the emerging standard for influence, Klout is a natural fit for about.me users who are looking to understand and grow their influence. About.me helps over 750,000 users express their identity and Klout gives them the tools and understanding they need to promote it.

With this new integration, about.me users can now access their Klout stats in the “More Data” tab when logged into about.me. You can expect about.me will have even more interesting Klout integrations in the future.

If you have yet to check it out, head to about.me to create a profile.

Do you use about.me? How else would you like to see Klout integrated with them?

Find Your Influential Followers with Postling

Today Postling announced their new Suggestions feature to help small businesses become more efficient on social media. Postling has partnered with Klout to allow business owners to get alerts when they have new influential followers. As they say, “While it’d be ideal if you could say hi to every new follower, we know that you’re too busy. The smart compromise is to focus on the ones who carry the most influence, because those people are the ones who can make the most impact if you can convert them into vocal supporters.”

We’re excited to be partnering with innovative companies like Postling who come up with new ways to use the Klout Score to make life easier for businesses and people alike. Check out their new feature (I definitely will) and let us know what you think in the comments. You can also read about Postling Suggestions on TechCrunch.

Revinate Brings Klout to the Hotel Business

Word of mouth is essential for hotels. One bad review or mention can turn people off, and a good one can bring in new business. This is why Revinate, an enterprise-grade social media solution for hotels, has now integrated Klout as their standard influence metric.

Understanding influence allows hotels to concentrate their efforts on their most influential customers as well as understand the reach of their mentions online. Hotels can offer upgrades or complimentary items to top influencers as well as make sure to thank them for their stay. Increasingly, hotels are aware that they need to consider the value of a customer, not just in their lifetime spend, but in their ability to bring in new customers.

What ways have you seen Hotels use Klout Scores? Do you think this will change the way they do business or the way you interact with hotels online?

Gnip Twitter Data, now with Klout

Gnip, the leading provider of Twitter and social media data, today announces they are adding Klout to their offerings. Klout is one of Gnip’s newest data enrichments which augment their raw feeds with metadata. Gnip has standardized on Klout as the influencer metric for their service and Gnip’s premium Twitter data feeds will have Klout Scores appended to them.

“At Gnip, we are dedicated to providing our customers with robust social data feeds and enrichments, enabling them to access the specific information they want,” said Jud Valeski, CEO of Gnip, Inc. “Through our partnership with Klout and with the release of language filtering for our premium Twitter data feeds, we are excited to increase access to valuable social data and facilitate innovation for enterprise application development.”

As Klout has emerged as the standard for influence, we have seen more and more applications and companies looking to use Klout data. In April, we passed the 2000 developer mark, and have only been growing since then. Gnip’s use of Klout data will make it even easier for developers and partners to leverage influence in their own applications.

We hope this will only encourage the Klout ecosystem to grow and we look forward to seeing what’s next. If you’re interested in getting this data check out Gnip.com or our own developer page. Thanks!

Her Channel Chooses Klout as Influencer Metric

Today, DECA officially launched Her Channel, a new online video syndication network for women, launching with hundreds of sites, including ‘BlogHer.’ Her Channel focuses on the most influential women’s sites and relies on Klout as their standard metric for influence. Klout Scores are displayed on all their partner pages.

With a combined reach of over 35 million users and an average Klout Score of 50 for their partners, Her Channel clearly has a strong presence in this space. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what they do next.

Xobni's New Gadget Platform Has Klout

Have you ever gotten an email from someone new and wished you had more context around who they are and how quickly you need to respond? Xobni, a relationship management service, today announces a new Gadget Platform. We’re excited to be one of the first Gadgets available on this platform along with other leading companies like Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, and Yammer. The Klout Gadget adds Klout as the standard influence metric to the Xobni sidebar, a leading Microsoft Outlook plugin with nearly seven million downloads. You’ll be able to see Klout Scores, topical influence, and influencers of your contacts.

So next time you’re talking to a new partner, you’ll have some background knowledge on what they’re influential about, who influences them, and how influential they are. We’d love to hear your feedback on how this affects your sales, business relationships, and email response patterns.

To learn more about Xobni and get in on this great Gadget action, head to Xobni Hack Day on May 9th.