Welcome Klout Interns!

Summertime between college years usually means one thing, internships. Although it’s the last time in your life where you get an actual summer break, you usually have to spend it the exact opposite way that you spent Summer in your earlier years: working hard.  It’s a scary and exciting time in anyone’s life. Most of us having been there before, we wanted to provide some lucky students with an amazing experience.

Klout is happy to introduce our first ever summer internship class. They come from various backgrounds and all bring something unique to the table. They will be working on nuclear fusion, global warming and the national debt…and hopefully their Klout scores too. Check out the all star team below.

1. Joe Marrama My name is Joe, and I study CS at Stanford. Besides crushing code, I like to surf, ski, play guitar, and skate.


2. Andrés Gómez Emilsson I’m half Mexican half Icelandic, studying Symbolic Systems. I love philosophy, friendship and maths. I’m grateful there’s more than nothing.

3. David Woo David is a junior at Stanford University majoring in computer science. He enjoys playing badminton and watching pro Starcraft.

4. Calvin Tuong I’m a rising junior at Stanford majoring in computer science. Born and raised in San Francisco, I enjoy basketball, pool, and bowling.

5. Sumit More A curious & dexterous S/W engineer with experience in multiple domains & platforms, with a will to enhance my programming skills further.

6. David Dolben Stanford Men’s Rower, Guitarist, Skier, and Computer Enthusiast. Likes to get things done.

7. Praveen Bommanna Praveen is a grad student at Stanford and loves a good adventure – which is why he’s at Klout this summer! He also enjoys outdoorsy stuff.

8. Samantha Lee Born and raised in the Bay Area, I am now a rising sophomore at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. My life outside of making things look pretty on Photoshop includes: consuming large amounts of bubble milk tea, watching Miyazaki films, and fulfilling my passion for volunteer service.

9. Charlie Vuong Charlie Vuong was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He currently attends Stanford University, and he is majoring in Computer Science.


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