It's Time We Said Thank You

Almost 3 years ago, Klout was born. No one knew who we were and our scored users were entirely made up of who Joe followed on Twitter. Today, we score over 75 million people and have been featured in Forbes, NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, and more. Brands like Disney, Audi, Hewlett Packard, and Universal Pictures have done Klout Perks. We’ve grown more in the past few months than in the rest of the last 3 years put together.

We try not to let it go to our heads because we know the real reason for our success. It’s you. It’s everyone who’s tweeted about their Klout Score, compared their score to a friend’s, argued (sorry, debated) with us about how the algorithm should work, or even put their Klout Score on their resume. We want to celebrate all of you who joined Klout back when we were a little less cool, a little less known, and had a lot further to go.

While we wish we could get you all a car or a trip to Vegas (we’re working on that), we do have a little something for you as a token of our gratitude. We’re giving you a Klout OG achievement for being there when it mattered. You’ve seen what we’ve done in a short amount of time, so just imagine what we’ll do next.

If you’re eligible for the Klout OG achievement you’ll see a pop-up window (above) announcing it the next time you sign into Klout. Thanks again and watch out for even more awesome achievements coming soon!


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