Gnip Twitter Data, now with Klout

Gnip, the leading provider of Twitter and social media data, today announces they are adding Klout to their offerings. Klout is one of Gnip’s newest data enrichments which augment their raw feeds with metadata. Gnip has standardized on Klout as the influencer metric for their service and Gnip’s premium Twitter data feeds will have Klout Scores appended to them.

“At Gnip, we are dedicated to providing our customers with robust social data feeds and enrichments, enabling them to access the specific information they want,” said Jud Valeski, CEO of Gnip, Inc. “Through our partnership with Klout and with the release of language filtering for our premium Twitter data feeds, we are excited to increase access to valuable social data and facilitate innovation for enterprise application development.”

As Klout has emerged as the standard for influence, we have seen more and more applications and companies looking to use Klout data. In April, we passed the 2000 developer mark, and have only been growing since then. Gnip’s use of Klout data will make it even easier for developers and partners to leverage influence in their own applications.

We hope this will only encourage the Klout ecosystem to grow and we look forward to seeing what’s next. If you’re interested in getting this data check out or our own developer page. Thanks!


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