Klout Welcomes Dave Mariani as VP of Engineering

Here at Klout we believe we have one of the most exciting engineering challenges you can find on the web. We are building page rank for people and the amount of data we analyze is staggering. On a daily basis we calculate the Klout Score for over 75 million people. To do this we:

  • Ingest and semantically analyze 100+ million tweets, Facebook status updates and LinkedIn updates on a daily basis
  • Measure interactions across over 4 billion social graph edges each day
  • Analyze over 6 billion status updates to understand which topics of the nearly 1 million in our ontology, a user is influential about
  • Process over 50 other variables that are features in our scoring algorithm
  • Serve 100’s of millions of API calls out of our own API to our 2000+ partners

We love this challenge but know that to continue being the standard for measuring online influence, we have a lot of work ahead of us. With that in mind, we are very pleased to announce that David Mariani is joining the Klout team as Vice President of Engineering (see the Techcrunch post).

Dave is a proven winner with big data experience. Most recently Dave served as Vice President of User Data and Analytics at Yahoo. While at Yahoo Dave managed engineering for all of Yahoo’s audience and advertising analytics platforms where they process 30+ billion user and advertising events per day (>20TB/day) to improve customer engagement on Yahoo! properties while driving better advertising yields. Dave joined Yahoo through the $300M acquisition of Blue Lithium where he served as CTO.

Dave’s goal at Klout will be to continue building a world class engineering team and culture. Even though we currently process an amazing amount of data, we are also challenging Dave to add more services for us to analyze and to do this analysis faster and with more granularity, transparency and actionability. This is a huge challenge but we couldn’t imagine a better person for the job!


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