Airlines with the most Klout

Whether you love it or hate it, the airport is an exciting place. There are people leaving for long awaited vacations, coming home from  business trips, running to catch their plane and taking naps in-between flights. One thing is certain, when you arrive at the airport to go anywhere, you want to have the smoothest ride possible. Many people become loyal to one airline and will fly only that airline when possible. Airlines need to make sure they are providing excellent customer service in the air and on the web to keep that loyal following.  Let’s see who is using social media to the fullest.

1. Virgin America Welcome to the Official Virgin America Twitter Page. Time to make flying good again.

2. Southwest Airlines The LUV Airline! Planes can’t type so @christimcneill is piloting the Twitterverse! For official concerns please use the link provided.

3. Delta We’re listening to your feedback and posting news, tips & updates.

4. TAM Airlines TAM Airlines

5. American Airlines Thanks for checking in! Send your praise, concerns and suggestions to the link below to ensure an appropriate response from American Airlines.

6. KLM Official global account of KLM. We’re at your service from Mon-Sun 8:00-23:00 CET. For your own privacy, don’t tweet personal details. Please use a DM instead.

7. AirAsia This is the official twitter profile of AirAsia. Follow us for insider news, events, competitions and exclusive promo updates!

8. JetBlue Have a question? Follow us and let us help!

9. WestJet We are Canada’s favourite airline. Follow us for flight deals & updates from the WestJet world!

10. United Airlines We connect you to more than 1000 destinations. Here, let’s just connect!

Did your favorite airline make the cut?

This list is static as of publication (April, 27, 2011) but feel free to check out this updated list if you’re curious what the current rankings are.


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