Thanks for Helping Us Drive the Standard for Influence

When I took the VP of Platform job here at Klout, I knew we had unique data that allows brands to recognize consumers for their ability to influence conversations on specific topics. My goal was pretty simple: get distribution for Klout to help more social media users to be recognized by more brands across more platforms. This has been a lot fun given the recent interest in influence and the mounting need to see a standard for influence emerge.

So, today, we take stock of where we’re at and how far we’ve come toward driving a standard for influence. The progress is really a testament to an amazing Klout partner-developer community. There are now more than 2000 Klout partner-developers (up from 300 in April, 2010) and our call volume has increased more than 1000% during the same time period. This puts us at 1/2 billion calls per month. Nice.

But the traffic numbers only tell a part of the story. Over that time, we’ve also partnered with larger, industry-leading companies, both in the social media space and, increasingly, outside the social media space. Since the beginning of the year, we’re proud to have added ExactTarget, Radian6, Turner,, and to the Klout partner-developer family. All great people doing big things. Check out some of the great companies in the Klout Universe below.

Here at Klout, we are super-pumped on our partner-developer ecosystem and what they’re doing with the accepted standard for influence. Just the beginning.


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