3 Tips for Increasing Your Klout Score

The biggest feedback we get from Klout users — Kloutizens, as I like to call them — is that they want more actionable items on how to understand and increase their influence. As a company, we believe part of our mission is to do just that, we want to help empower people and grow their influence. You’ll start to see us do more of this, both here and on klout.com.

Of course, there isn’t a magic bullet for increasing your Klout Score (like, if you post at 7:59PM every day, you’ll see an increase), but I can offer some general tips that should help.

1. Create content worth sharing. “Duh,” you may say, but this is worth pointing out. We believe influencers are those who create high-quality content that is shared and spread throughout many networks. What’s high-quality content? That will vary based on your network and audience. If you have an audience full of devoted foodies a picture of what you’re eating for dinner may be just the ticket, but that same picture to an audience focused on business would likely fall on deaf ears (so to speak). My suggestion is to experiment with different types of posts and topics to see what resonates the most with your audience, i.e. generates the most Retweets, likes, etc..

2. Start discussions. One of the factors we’re looking at are the conversations and discussions surrounding you and your content. If a friend or follower posts something you like or want to know more about, start a discussion about it. Don’t just put out content and then disappear — wait for any responses from your network and engage with them. Try occasionally asking a question of you network — I’ve personally found some great tips and products that way — and it’ll foster a closer connection with your audience.

3. Register and connect your networks. This is the simplest tip for increasing your Klout Score, as it doesn’t involve changing your underlying influence, just allowing Klout to better understand it. When you register and connect other networks (we’ll be adding more regularly, but right now that means Facebook), we’ll be able to understand your influence on that second network and and add it to your score. That’s as close to a magic bullet as I can give you.

Now, I want to open it up to you. No one knows better than our many, many influential users how to increase their influence. Share your tips in the comments!


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