Announcing our #KloutChat schedule

On February 17th, we hosted our first-ever #KloutChat to create an open dialogue between Klout and it’s many users, fans, critics, and those looking to learn more. It was a great success and we greatly enjoyed hearing everyone’s questions and thoughts.

#KloutChat will now be a regular event on the first Wednesday of every month. We’re aiming for 11AM PT / 2PM EST but we’ll be listening to feedback on that time if it doesn’t work for you.

Second-ever #KloutChat

Subject: Klout Perks

Wednesday, April 6th. 11AM PT / 2PM EST

Format: First, we’ll ask you some questions about what you’d like to see in Klout Perks, then we’ll open it up for your questions and do our best to answer all we can!

Bring all your questions and suggestions for us. We’ll see you on Twitter. Also, let us know what you’d like future #KloutChat subjects to be!

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter chats, check out the article “What is a Twitter Tweet Chat?


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