Top 10 Most Influential Chefs

Celebrity chefs have gone from cuisine masterminds to self-branded superstars. Food channels not only attract moms on a mission to find a new recipe but people like me, a twenty-something, who finds discovering new foods entertaining.

We thought it would be interesting to see what celebrity chefs have the most Klout, so here they are.

1. Andrew Zimmern: Chef, Writer, Traveler & TV Host of Bizarre Food. ***Catch New Episodes of Bizarre Foods Tuesday Nights @ 9pm E/P on Travel Channel!***

2. Anthony Bourdain: Enthusiast.

3. James Oliver: The Official Jamie Oliver twitter page

4. Bethenny Frankel: Natural Food Chef

5. Paula Deen: Cooking and family are the greatest gifts. Love and Best Dishes, y’all!

6. Tom Colicchio: This is my real twitter page. All others are bogus.

7. Gordon Ramsay:

8. Michael Symon: husband..iron chef…wanna be golfer..die hard browns fan

9. Giada De Laurentiis: Food Network Chef, Author, Mother and Paddle Surfer!

10. Nadia G: A deliciously demented spin on cooking, lifestyle & all things bitchin’. Tune in every Wednesday on Cooking Channel @ 10:30PM EST. Saturdays @ 11pm EST.

How does your favorite chef stack up? Feel free to look up their account on


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