ReviewPro Brings Influence Scoring to Hotels with Klout Integration

How should hotels use influence scoring when it comes to engaging with their guests on the social web?

ReviewPro, an online reputation and social media management solution provider for the B2B hotel sector, has integrated Klout scores into its product to help hoteliers make smarter decisions related to interacting with their guests. The company offers analysis, customer intelligence, competitive benchmarking and automated reporting to more than 1,000 clients in 25 countries.

The hotel industry is being transformed by the impact of social media and hotels are struggling to not only listen to what is being said about their establishments but also to respond to customer comments and reviews. The combination of ReviewPro’s analytics with Klout scores will give hotels the opportunity to use social media to improve guest satisfaction and drive increased revenue.

The ReviewPro integration is an interesting evolution to earlier cases of hotels benefiting from using Klout scores within their organizations. For example, Jason Gastwirth, Chief Marketing Officer at Palms Hotel in Las Vegas is currently developing The Klout Klub – which will “allow high-ranking influencers to experience Palms’ impressive set of amenities in hopes that these influencers will want to communicate their positive experience to their followers.”

It is all about better customer knowledge.

Social influence scoring is all about knowing guests and customers better – all of them. It simply gives hotels an additional reference point and metric for use in each interaction. Any hotel looking to increase their online relevance should monitor the most pertinent metrics in planning both big-picture strategy and day-to-day actions. Influence scoring just gives hoteliers one more reference point for better decision making. According to RJ Friedlander (!/RJFriedlander), CEO of ReviewPro, “clearly, there is a saturation of data on social media networks. The key is to be able to quickly identify who is behind the comments published in the leading platforms. The Klout score integration will enable ReviewPro’s clients to efficiently identify the level of influence of the individual and to assist in determining the most appropriate response.”


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