Taking Klout Scoring to the Next Level

Continually improving Klout’s measurement of online influence is our core focus. Social networks are dynamic. As a result, we continually enrich our data sources and evolve our algorithms to measure people’s ability to generate content and conversations that drive actions across the social web.

Today, we’re pleased to announce several improvements to the Klout score and its platform.


  • Enriched our data sources
  • Re-engineered our data collection and influence signal parsing platform to capture a broader set of key influence signals across an even larger population
  • Improved the quality of our scoring algorithm by both adding new influence inputs and adjusting the importance of inputs for individuals and their influence networks

So, what does this mean for my score?

As a result of these changes, your score may change. On the Score Analysis section of our site (free registration required) you will see an event marker on your Klout Score chart. This marker shows you if your score went up, down or stayed the same as a result of our improvements.

Thank you for the support and the passion so many of you express around your Klout score.


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