How do you use your Klout for Good? 2nd Edition

Klout is teaming up with to send influencers to the Social Media All-Star Double Header Webinar To Benefit My Mom! on February 23rd and 24th. Guest speakers for the webinar include: Co-founder of #UsGuys community on Twitter – Chase Adam, NYT bestselling co-author of Trust Agents – Chris Brogan, and more. All proceeds of the webinar will help @jeffin140’s mom (read about her heart wrenching story here).

So here at Klout we love to hear how you use your influence (Klout) for good and we’ll send four influencers to the webinar.

How do you or someone you admire use your influence (Klout) for good? Tweet your response using the hashtag #KloutforGood and the winners will get a spot in the Social Media All-Star Double Header Webinar To Benefit My Mom!

Use this format: I use my #KloutforGood by tweeting out when a friend needs help
Check out how @username uses their #KloutforGood by raising money for charity

Feel free to play around with the format as long as you include #KloutforGood and link back with

Vote for your favorites by retweeting them. The contest will run until 11:59PM PT tonight and we’ll announce the winners tomorrow! If you nominate someone else in your tweet and win, you will both get a stop in the webinar.

Hope you enjoy the contest, we’re excited to see your answers! We’re interested in starting a real discussion around this topic so feel free to also comment below if you need more than 140 characters.

You can also help spread the word with by clicking here.


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