Seesmic Web Adds Klout to Serve the Enterprise Market

With its new funding freshly announced, Seesmic moved darn quickly to add Klout into it’s Web client, with an eye toward serving the social media power users: users who use social networks as a way to drive business and create new relationships.

At Klout, we’re smitten by the opportunity to drive a deeper partnership with Loic and the crew, especially with the often-lauded Seesmic Desktop Klout plugin one of the finest Klout integrations to date.

As with the Seesmic Desktop Klout plugin, displaying the Klout score lets Seesmic offer unique information to professionals who use Seesmic Desktop to engage in conversations that create marketing opportunities, sales, or just good business relationships. Discovering brand advocates and topical experts is simply a job more easily done with the Klout influence information.

All hail the Seesmic crew. Now, Kloutizens, let’s make some noise for a little Klout love in Seesmic mobile client.


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