Join us for GroundHacks Day!

Come celebrate Groundhacks day with the Klout team in San Francisco! We’re joining’s hackabit to put together their first ever bi-coastal hackathon. Bring your computer over to our new office to hack away with Klout and get caffeinated while skyping with the NYC side of Groundhacks day. Mashery will be joining us and bring pizza to keep you fueled!

Wednesday February 2nd (AKA Groundhacks Day)

3pm – 9pm PT (San Francisco, Klout HQ) RSVP

6pm – Midnight ET (New York, HQ) RSVP

Basically, we’re looking to provide two awesome spaces for hackers to come bring their projects and work together. Klout and will be available for questions on our APIs, but your projects don’t have to involve them.

Btw, if you haven’t been convinced yet, check out this picture of our new office. It’s big, awesome, and in need of more hackers.


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