Assistly Taps Klout to Scale Social Support

We’re proud to announce that Assistly is today adopting Klout as their standard for determining online influence. Assistly enables any organization to fundamentally change the way they support, engage with, and retain customers in today’s interconnected environment. Assistly’s platform combines support across traditional channels like email, phone and chat with booming social channels like Twitter and Facebook—in a single dynamic environment.

With the Klout partnership, Assistly will let brands use the Klout influence score to prioritize their social support cases according to those customers with the most influence over their peers, turning potential PR hazards in word-of-mouth victories. More importantly, Assistly + Klout will let brands recognize customers for more than their ability to spend. The Klout data lets companies extend the same high levels of service to customers whose chief currency is their influence on the opinions of others.

As a two-way partnership, Klout has standardized on Assistly as it chief means of supporting the social-media-savvy audience that make up Klout’s base audience.

The Assistly integration follows fast on the heels of the Huffington Post announcing their use of Klout data to drive engagement and Cision’s decision to use Klout influence metrics as a way to rank Journalist influencers. At Klout, we’re happy to see companies continuing to find new ways to use the Klout API to better serve their customers and also happy to see those customers demanding Klout data. Certainly, there is more to come.


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