The Huffington Post Uses Klout to Identify Top Influencers

The Huffington Post, a leading online new site with 24 million monthly unique visitors (according to Comscore), has now integrated Klout into their articles to find top influencers. The Huffington Post has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to integrating social into their site. In August 2009 they announced the beginning of social news and since then they’ve continued to be the leader in this space, launching a Twitter edition of their site in April and ever-increasing their social integration. Now, with the addition of Klout, they have taken social to the next level, allowing users not just to know who’s talked about an article, but who the top influencers are.

We’re excited to play a role in The Huffington Post’s next evolution. On each article page, there is a Twitter module (pictured below) where users can see the latest tweets on a given topic. When top influencers start talking about the topic, the “Top Influencers” at the bottom gets populated based on Klout score. When you hover over a user you can see their Klout Score, Klout Classification and the on-topic tweet that got them into the module (see second image below).Eric Hippeau, CEO of Huffington Post, shares “Using Klout to understand influence seemed like a clear next step for us and we expect it to increase engagement and allow us to highlight the right influencers on a given topic.”

To see this in action, take a look at the Twitter Module on this article on

Twitter module on

Hovercard when you mouse over an influencer on


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