Cision Chooses Klout API to Assess Journalist Influence

Before you read this exciting blog post, this service announcement. Vote for the Klout API as Best Use of an API in the Mashable Awards.

And now…

Cision, the pre-eminent provider of software for media and PR professionals, just announced that they’ve integrated Klout’s influencer data into JournalistTweets (, their journalist tracking tool that monitors thousands of journalists across 15 countries on five continents. This is big win for the social media and micropublishing sector and a big win for Klout’s importance to the professional news sector.

With more traditional journalists moving to the micropublishing medium (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and with more user generated content from non-professional journalists qualifying as professional news and opinion, it makes sense to understand the quality of content delivered in social media channels. The Klout score is pretty darn impartial judgment on the quality of an individual publisher’s ability to turn out engaging content and drive readers to action.

Certainly, we’re always happy to have new partners but the Cision partnership is unique for its validation of the Klout standard as a modern way to understand who influences news and opinion across the 500 billion daily shares, tweets, and updates.

How much do you influence? Get your Klout score.


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