A look at the top Mommy Bloggers

Do you know how influential moms really are? Of course, our mothers are influential in our own lives but there are some moms that touch thousands of lives. Blogging has become an amazing tool for mothers to help and inspire other mothers. Sharing stories, tips, and just the day-to-day obstacles, is a great way for other women and parents to find real life advice. We took Babble.com’s list of the Top 50 Mommy Bloggers, and ranked it to see who is the most influential.

Topping the list is @thepioneerwoman, an extremely interesting lady, who went from city glam to a country-style housewife and mother of four. She shares everything from recipes to love stories. Another influential mama is @mrlady, her blog Whiskey in my Slippy Cup, has been around since 2005. Not only does she blog about being a mother but also being a woman.

So here are the results.

1. I’m The Pioneer Woman. Desperate Ranchwife. Mother of Four. Lover of Butter. Amen.

2. Mom Blogger. Not Stupid.

3. Mommyblogger, tyrant, snugglebunny

4. Yes, they’re real and they’re spectacular. Also leaking a little.

5. Principal+Co-Founder, Clever Girls Collective, Inc. One of Forbes’ 10 Mommy ‘Hood Gurus. (Their word, not mine.) Noodle seeker. Risk taker. Karaoke queen.

6. Co-author of LET’S PANIC ABOUT BABIES! (@letspanic_) which will arrive in bookstores (and your hearts) in March 2011.

7. I have an adjective, adjective noun that would verb your adjective noun so, so adverb.

8. I look forward to utilizing social media outlets such as Twitter in order to express myself in a more succinct and to-the-point manner furthermore I believe tha

9. Survival Requires Humor

10. Generalissimo of Free Range Kids Movement, syndicated columnist, sought-after speaker.To book, write: Lskenazy@yahoo.com .

The Babble.com list was a great place to start, but we know there’s more great mom bloggers out there. Who do you think are the top Mommy bloggers? What other lists should we look at? Leave a comment and fill us in.


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