Klout Integrations You Should Get With: Seesmic and Appsfire

With our announcement last week that we’ve integrated Facebook profiles into our influence scoring, there immediately came a roar from our throng of 800+ (yeah, over 800) developers. When would the Facebook scoring be available in the API? When would LinkedIn and Foursquare be coming to our growing roster of social networks? And so on. What these questions made me realize is how utterly dedicated and industrious the Klout API developer community really is. So I thought it high time we trot out some of the ingenious industriousness that we see on a daily basis from these folks. Here are two Klout API integrations that I spend a good deal of time with these days. When I’m not hanging with my wife, I’m checking out:

Seesmic Desktop

I’ve been a big fan of this integration since it dropped. And version 2 is 10 times better than version 1. Seesmic Desktop is just better with the Klout plugin. Period. The Klout plugin, apart from telling you the topics in which your twitter friends move others, also helps you discover people who are considered great purveyors of content. For example, in this screenshot (of my Klout profile), you would see that I’m influenced by @jowyang, @mich8elwu, and @scobleizer, among others. And you might choose to follow @mich8elwu if you’re interested in influencer analytics. Voila, newly-discovered content from a great thinker in a space you care about. All thanks to the Klout Plugin. The Seesmic Desktop Klout Plugin is the very best form of user – and content – discovery.

Get the Klout plugin for Seesmic Desktop.


Appsfire is the best place to find which apps are going great right now. Appsfire takes advantage of the Klout API in an ingenious, algorithmic way. Appsfire uses the Klout Score to help them better rank their apps in the AppTrends section of their site. Appsfire weights each tweet promoting an app by the Klout score of the twitterer. The more trusted the twitterer, the higher the weighting of the tweet. Ultimately, AppsFire’s users benefit by choosing from among top apps recommended by trusted experts. You and I get the most relevant apps and we spend less time doing it. When I’m trying to find the top-ranked game for my four-year-old, you know I go to appsfire.com.

Get some apps at Appsfire.com.

What are you favorite Klout integrations? Let us know what other apps we should highlight!


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