Do you have Facebook Klout?

Today I’m excited to announce we now measure influence on Facebook. With more than 500 million users and 30 billion items of content shared each month, the addition of Facebook is a huge leap towards our goal of measuring influence across the social web.

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard analyzing Facebook accounts to understand the nature of influence on the world’s largest social network. As on Twitter, our underlying premise for influence is not the number of friends or followers you have, but your ability to drive action.

On Facebook, like Twitter, we assess how conversations and content generate interest and engagement. Facebook allows users to post many different types of content, view multiple streams and interact with their friends in more complex ways than we’ve previously seen. We’ve made sure each action and reaction is individually assessed to ensure we give you the most accurate picture of your Klout. We’ve had two years working on Twitter, and this is the first step of many in our development of Facebook Klout.

If you haven’t already, help us increase your Klout by connecting with Facebook, sign in or sign up at

Check out the new Facebook achievements users can earn:

Q & A:

Q: Who will have Facebook integrated into their report?
A: Everyone who has connected their Facebook account to Klout prior to this week. Going forward, we will analyze new Facebook connections and notify the user when their report is updated.

Q: How will Facebook integration show up on the Klout Report?
A: Facebook data will be incorporated into the Klout Score. People will earn Facebook achievements for Comments, Likes, Unique Commenters, and Unique Likers. Facebook based information will also be available on the score analysis page.

Q: How will connecting Facebook affect my score?
A: Your Klout score will be more accurate. For instance, you may not use Twitter much but have a rich and engaged network of friends on Facebook, now that influence will be reflected in your score. Even if you are an infrequent Facebook user, there is no risk that your Klout will go down. In fact, in most cases it will go up. Once you’ve connected Facebook your score will be updated in 72 hours or less.


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