Spotlight on Klout Perks: Virgin America Campaign

“You have so much Klout that Virgin America has asked us to give you a free roundtrip flight to San Francisco or LA.” With this line, it all started. The campaign was featured in Mashable, The Los Angeles Times, CNN Money and more.

So, how did it work? Virgin America was launching a new route to Toronto and looked to Klout to help them build buzz around it. We did this by giving free roundtrip flights to 120 top Twitter influencers so they could get a chance to experience the route (and Virgin America’s great service) for themselves.

This is a model we’ve used for campaigns with many other major brands such as Starbucks, Covergirl, and Fox. Targeting influencers allows brands and marketers to ensure their product is reaching the right hands. We have a very strict code of conduct; we do not buy tweets or require any response from influencers who participate in one of our Perks.

Brands and marketers have always given special treatment to influencers, we are highlighting a new group of influencers who are valued based on the content they create. Welcome to the Klout Meritocracy.

Let us know if you have any questions. We would love it if you could nominate us for Most Creative Social Media Campaign in the Mashable Awards.


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