What Does Influence Mean To You?

Influence and social currency – how many times have you come across these buzzwords in your daily digest of blog posts, articles, and tweets? What do these terms mean?

At Klout, we define influence as the ability to drive people to action. On Twitter, “action” might be defined as a reply, retweet, or clicking a link. We believe everyone has influence so Klout aims to help users understand and leverage their influence to earn real rewards through the Klout Perks program. Put another way, we want to help you cash in your social currency for rewards.

But that’s enough about our point of view. What do influence and social currency mean to you? How are they similar or different from each other? Klout wants to hear what you think. We’re going to hold a Twitter contest where you can voice your opinion and become eligible to win a free Klout t-shirt! Don’t worry, this is not meant to be a test of your influence. It’s just a fun way for you to get some free swag! Here’s how it works:

Klout Swag


Tweet about influence or social currency or the relationship between the two and include the hashtag #iKlout (you Klout, we all Klout…) and link back to this page (http://bit.ly/cJJV0u) today. Just make sure your tweet follows these guidelines.

Here’s an example:

Influence is the ability to drive action http://bit.ly/cJJV0u #iKlout

1. You are limited to one tweet so that’s only 112 characters when you account for the hashtag #iKlout and link back (http://bit.ly/cJJV0u). Feel free to use abbreviations. We’re looking for concise memorable responses so you definitely don’t have to write a comprehensive definition. Even if you just make one small point or distinction that you think is important, we’d love to hear it. Take Brian Solis (@briansolis) for example, who simply wrote “Influence is not popularity” in this blog post.

2. We understand that some great minds might think alike, but please do not enter someone else’s response as your own.


All Twitter users will be able to track the submissions by searching for the #iKlout hashtag. To vote for the entry that you like, simply retweet the message using the official Twitter retweet function. You can vote for as many entries as you want. We will not be counting old school retweets in the contest because there’s the risk of double voting, modifying people’s original entries, and spamming.


The five people whose entries have the highest number of unique retweet votes will receive free Klout t-shirts in the mail! We will direct message you that you have won. Simply DM us back with your name and mailing address and we’ll get you your goods.

That’s all folks – just tweet your opinion of influence.


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