How do you use Klout?

We love hearing the multitude of ways people use Klout. For some it’s a way to measure their personal progress on Twitter and see when their influence is increasing or decreasing and adjust accordingly. Others use it for their business account to understand if they’re using the right methods and reaching the right audience. We’ve even heard of recruiters using a minimum Klout score when evalutating marketing or social media candidates and people putting the Klout Score on their resume.

How do you use Klout? We’d love to hear your stories. We’ll highlight the best ones and send them a sweet Klout t-shirt as a bonus. Put your story in the comments below or tweet with hashtag #Klout and we’ll select our favorites.

Update: Here are a few of our favorites (if one of these is yours, you should have an email from us shortly about your free t-shirt)

  • With the latest release, I”m using Klout to get a clear perspective of who is directly interacting and exchanging the tweets I send out. Allows me to ensure that the folks that influence me and that I influence into are all well represented. – James Hicks
  • I use Klout to help determine if I’m positively interacting with my audience. I’ve also begun to use it to measure the influence of my competitors, and am currently thinking of how to being to employ it with the social media campaigns I use for my clients. – Nick
  • I use Klout in conjunction with HootSuite to identify influential Twitter users who, if they become fans, will reach a large number of people with whom I’ve not yet come in contact. – Pete Puma

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