Spotlight on ChumpDump: Twitter Unfollow Game

Who are you calling a chump? No really, ChumpDump wants to know.

The new iPhone and Android app from Big Kitty Labs is a game where you earn points for unfollowing Twitter users. ChumpDump randomly draws the name of one person you follow, then you decide whether that person is a friend or chump. If you choose “chump” they get dumped and you stop following them. ChumpDump will even help you choose whether or not to axe someone by providing stats like retweets, mentions, direct messages, and the Klout influence score.

The act of dumping is worth more points than saving, but to earn even more points give a rationale. As ChumpDump says in their blog post, the point is for users to evaluate their Twitter relationships. Why do you follow a person? When you save or dump someone in ChumpDump, you attest to their influence (or lack thereof).


You can also think of ChumpDump as just a fun way to skim out the senseless chatter from your Twitter stream. Keep the people whose tweets you actually read and with whom you actually engage. Reconnect with someone you follow but lost in the constant stream of check-ins, what-I-just-ate’s, and lol + links.

If none of that sounds appealing, you can always just read why other ChumpDump players are dumping or saving users under the statistics page. You’ll find some very entertaining responses.

Here is a sample of reasons why people were saved:

“I’ll save any hot actress, any time.”
“like the guy he does real cool chris walken impersonation”
“I kinda like his blog”
“Great dev resource and friend”
“married her…should probably follow her”

Do you ever filter through people you follow or people who follow you? What makes someone a chump in your book?


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