Is Social Media Influence Gender-biased?

Today, Brian Solis has a great post on gender and influence on Twitter, using Klout data. We looked at  a random sample of 50,000 Twitter users and compared this to the top 50,000 most influential Twitter users, looking at Klout Score (influence) and gender. The results are fascinating. We’ve long known that women have a strong presence in social media – but how strong and with how much influence?

In the random sample, women on average both outnumbered men and had more influence. Yet, in the most influential sample, men outnumbered women and were more influential. You can see the exact breakdown in the infographic below.

Does this surprise you or is it what you would have guessed? How do you think this will change in the next few years? Let us know if you have any questions and definitely check out Brian’s full post – Influence is Bliss: The Gender Divide of Influence on Twitter.


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