Calling All Startups: Get Your Klout On

We love startups (after all, we are one). So we’re excited to announce our startup influencer contest where one startup will win a free Klout Influencer Campaign.

So, you might ask, what is a Klout Influencer Campaign? We reach out to top influencers in your topic/industry/area and give them a chance to experience your product (we call this a Klout Perk). You can learn more about the philosophy behind them in this post by our CEO, Joe Fernandez. What I won’t tell you, but you should infer, is that normally we charge a pretty penny for this kind-of thing so this is definitely an awesome opportunity.

We still haven’t finalized all the details yet, but we wanted to start getting the word out. The gist of it is that each startup will submit a short video explaining what your startup is and why you need influencers. Then everyone will get to vote on who they think should win and we’ll give that startup a free campaign. Sign up below, and we’ll let you know when we have more details. Also, in honor of celebrating startups, we want to encourage you to check out this campaign for National Entrepreneur’s Day, which we think should definitely happen.

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If you want to follow the guy who came up with this awesome idea, check out @JedShearer.


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