Spotlight on Fan Page List

You can find a Facebook page for almost anything, be it Cristiano Ronaldo, Oreos, The Office, and even “I hate it when I’m with MC Hammer and he won’t let me touch anything.” It seems like just about any page can reach a million fans. What people (especially marketers) want to know is whose page reigns supreme?

Find the answer on Fan Page List, which actively ranks Facebook pages and now Twitter accounts in different categories like consumer products, comedians, TV shows, sports teams, and more. Fan Page List began as a Facebook page directory designed to help Facebook users connect to official brand pages or browse new ones according to their interests without having to dig through the seemingly endless list of pages. Now Fan Page List is helping Twitter users do the same thing by adding Twitter follower count to the rankings.

Check out the Top Brands on Facebook and you can compare the top brands’ Facebook fan count with their number of Twitter followers.

Another addition to Fan Page List is the Klout score. Try sorting the list by Klout influence and watch the rankings change. On the official blog Fan Page List writes, “Rather than looking at just followers which is only one metric (and arguably not the best measurement of Twitter rankings), we turned to Klout which we feel is currently the best Twitter rank metric.” After integrating with the Klout API, Fan Page List can now provide us with lists like the Most Influential Twitter Users.

Here’s a snapshot of Klout integration with Fan Page List:

Klout Integration with Fan Page List

What metrics do you consider important? Do you see any correlations or discrepancies?


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