Influence is all about Context

Are you influential? The truth is, for most of us, the answer is “sometimes.” Unless you’re an all out celebrity (and even then) you have areas of expertise where people trust your opinion and other areas where you get less traction.

Think of your own group of friends. You already know who to go to for advice on restaurants and who to go to when you’re gadget shopping. Klout looks at online interactions to gain this knowledge.

In addition to Klout Scores, we also have Topical Scores on those we’ve processed. We get these scores by looking at what lists you’re on (i.e. are you on foodie lists or tech lists?), what you talk about, and what topics tend to get you the most engagement. You may talk about two topics equally but if people are much more likely to interact and retweet you on recipes rather than real estate, you’re more influential when it comes to cooking.

Right now on Klout, you can see your most influential topics on your Klout Report. In the future you will see more of our topical data as we believe it is some of the most valuable information on influence available. We’re already using topical data for our Klout Perks (with a strict code of conduct) to surface the right people for a given brand or product.

Image Credit:  Katie Petersen


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