How We Find Top Influencers

For our Virgin America Klout Perk, we’re giving away free tickets on Virgin America’s new route to Toronto to top influencers along the route. A lot of work went into finding and engaging the right influencers for this campaign. We considered factors like Klout Score, location, and tags.

Klout Score: As you might expect Klout Score played a large role in choosing top influencers. The Klout Score is a metric of overall influence and tracks over 25 variables. Learn more.

Location: For this program, Virgin America wanted top influencers along their route — San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Tags: We semantically analyze tweets to determine what someone talks about and what they are influential about (if you tend to be retweeted more on tech gadgets than food, than you are probably more influential on tech gadgets). For this campaign we considered factors like how often you talked about you city, other cities on the route and various keywords that Virgin America chose to target.

Once we looked at those factors we went through and hand picked influencers that best fit with Virgin America’s brand and goals for this program. Influencers were sent an email informing them of their eligibility and directing them to a landing page where they could get more information about the program and sign in to collect their code. Everyone chosen for the program was registered on Klout and we followed a strict Klout Code of Ethics.


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