10 Most Influential Tweeters in Toronto

How much do you know about Toronto? It’s the largest city in Canada and home to burgeoning tech and entertainment industries. It’s got a big social media contingent, so we decided to round up the top 10 Tweeps in Toronto. Check it out…

[This list not updated, original publish date June 15, 2010]

(bios are shortened versions of Twitter profiles)

1. Scott Stratten Speaker/Jedi 4 soc media.

2. Cell Guru “Loud mouth.”

3. J.E. Skeets NBA blogger/podcaster.

4. April Dunford Startup Marketing and Product Management.

5. Mathew Ingram Senior writer at GigaOm.

6. Casie Stewart Social media @ MuchMusic & MTV Canada.

7. Joallore Retoucher/Blogger/Designer /Communicator.

8. Kneale Mann Business, marketing, social media strategist.

9. Renée Warren Manager, BizLaunch Media Inc.

10. Ilya Grigorik Founder / CTO of PostRank

(We’ve limited this to accounts that represent people, there are also influential news accounts like @Torontoist)

Anyone else you think should be in this list? Feel free to nominate great Tweeters from Toronto in the comments.


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