Spotlight on Blog Stats from Wp-Stats-Dashboard

If you have a blog you’re probably checking on your stats constantly. How many people have signed up for your feed? How many page views do you have? How many people have voted up your site on Digg or Reddit? If you use WordPress for your blog, you should check out Wp-Stats-Dashboard. With over 48 stats from 31 different sources, this plugin is sure to give you your daily metric fix.

Wp-Stats-Dashboard has also integrated the Klout Score. Just enter the twitter username associated with your blog (whether that be one for your company or your personal account) and you’ll be able to see how much Klout you have right on your blog dashboard. Creator, Dave Ligthart, says “Klout is the best metric to show your social ranking for Twitter.”

Here are some selected stats:

An example of a graph included with the plugin:

Dave also recently added an iGoogle opensocial gadget to show these same metrics so (if you’ve installed the plugin) you can see your stats on iGoogle.

How do you track your blog’s stats? What do you think the most important metrics are?


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