When Fake Twitter Accounts Beat Out Their Real Counterparts

These fake twitter accounts reveal the viral power of satire. In all three cases, the fake account is more influential on Twitter than it’s official counterpart. The influence of the fake accounts relies on the real-world renown of the company they’re satirizing but the fake accounts receive far more engagement, have a higher network score and generally have more Twitter influence.

1. BP

The fake account @BPGlobalPR has had 7 times the retweets of the official @BP_America account. It has become a nationwide (and even global) sensation and the author only recently revealed himself and his reasoning.

When you take a look at the top retweets from @BPGlobalPR you’ll start to understand why this account has spread like wildfire. A lot of people are angry about this incident and this account has really hit the satiric sweet spot.

2. APStylebook

Honestly, APStyleBook is probably easy to satirize. No offense to AP Style, but who doesn’t sometimes get tired of all those grammar rules?

Take a look at their top retweets:

3. Paramount

@FakeParamount has managed to beat out @ParamountPics in terms of influence. Interestingly enough, ParamountPics actually has more followers, but FakeParamount has a higher Klout Score due to it’s higher engagement. This is a good example of how follower count on it’s own is an insufficient metric of influence.

Check out the top retweets of @FakeParamount:

People love humor and a good satire of a company or persona can actually gain much more viral influence than the real thing. Do you know of other examples of fake accounts that have taken off?


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