A Revolution in Klout

We’re excited to launch Klout 2.0, the standard for influence. These changes are the next step in realizing Klout’s manifesto:

  • Everyone who creates content online has influence.
  • Influence is the ability to drive action and can be measured.
  • Understanding influence gives you power to increase your influence, reach and engage other influencers, and strategically target content.

We’re launching the Klout Influence Report, a comprehensive analysis of a person’s score, classification, network, and content. This report is the definitive guide to your online influence.

New Features:

  • New Classification System: We’ve created a comprehensive new classification system, with 16 influencer types. The system is much like a personality type for your influence. No type is inherently better than any other, instead we used machine learning to identify 16 different styles of influence.
  • Achievements: We now have achievements to add more concrete indicators of different aspects of influence. Achievements are earned automatically when you reach certain influence benchmarks. For example you can earn an achievement for a high message reach or total retweets.
  • Percentile: Percentile allows you to put your Klout Score in context.

Improved Features:

  • Klout Score Analysis: The Klout Score is the metric of influence, measured from 0 to 100. It’s the single most important number in the report and our new score analysis aids understanding of the score and increases the context around it. we’ve Score analysis gives you the breakdown on the three main components of the Klout Score: True Reach, Amplification Score and Network Score. With new percentiles shown next to each component, you’ll understand what your score means in relation to other influencers. Dynamic charts allow you to see how your stats are changing over time.
  • Content Analysis: We’re continuing to track your most influential content and topics, but now in an easier to understand format.

Check out the Klout 2.0 Screencast:

We hope you like the new Klout and can’t wait to continue the conversation around influence. How does looking at your Klout Influence Report change the way you think of the content you create online, your online presence, and influence? Oh and we love feedback so let us know what you think of our changes!


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