Attensity360 Integrates Klout for Better Social Media Monitoring

Attensity360’s social media monitoring service integrated the Klout API today to allow companies to bring influence into their social media strategy. Attensity360 helps companies measure key social media performance metrics, measure and track sentiment, manage reputation, enhance customer service engage with their community of users and industry peers and manage influencer relationships. With Klout integration, Attensity360 has taken their service to the next level.

Now, brands can understand how much impact each follower, fan, or community member can have on their reputation. By targeting outreach to influencers, companies can make that outreach more efficient and yield a higher ROI. Companies can answer questions like “Who are my brand’s most influential fans?” and “Who’s most influential in my industry” to better pinpoint their efforts.

Check out the screenshot of integration below:


Attensity360 is one great example out of over 300 Klout partners who integrate the Klout Score into their application. Whether it be search, social media management, or lead generation, understanding influence leads to a more robust and advanced tool.

For more information about how this fits into their product, check out Attensity360’s blog post.


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