wiredset: The Entertainment Industry Gets Its Own Twitter…


The Entertainment Industry Gets Its Own Twitter Dashboard

Love seeing what our partners are doing with Klout data.  Trendrr is awesome.


KloutUp 1: What a Blast

On Friday, February 5th, we had our first inaugural KloutUp here in our new offices. This was a great ending to an exciting week here at Klout HQ.

Putting a cap on Social Media Week SF, we thought it would be great to meet some of our users in person – from the newcomers to the Twitterverse on through to the seasoned pros.  We’re beyond excited that so many friends took the time to stop by and we hope to have these events more regularly as the months come.

A Cast of Characters

We were surprised at just how many great folks turned up for our last-minute event.   quick shoutouts to: @thekenyeung, @themaria, @gingerw, @andykaufman, @gravity7, @chrissaad@brett, @doverbey@iamkyle, @gotwalt@sandramp, @dotben, @violetblue and many, many more!

Open Sourcing Klout

As a fun experiment, we put our whiteboard to use as a staging ground for the Klout secret sauce – our special blend for understanding influence.  In allowing everyone the opportunity to contribute a little bit to the algorithm, it was interesting to see how many different ways people thought you could think of influence.  Now, we know it was largely done in jest, but pretty hilarious nonetheless.

Scoring at Klout

To wrap to the evening, we took the opportunity to grab some photos of our friends with their Klout scores.  We’ll be launching a new feature here at Klout.com very soon and we’ll fill in the details as soon as they’re ready.

In the meantime, of course, we welcome you to stop by and have yourself scored – our doors are always open at 795 Folsom!

Special thanks to @thekenyeung for taking some great, fun photos for us.


Keep an eye out for our next KloutUp!