The Most Influential Twitter Users in the World

After more than a year of analyzing the Twitter universe Klout is excited to announce that each week we will be releasing a list of the most influential Twitter users from each country.

How does a person get on Klout’s official list of most influential people?  We believe that influence is about driving actions.  Anyone can get thousands of followers (there are hundreds of services where you can literally buy followers) but only a select few can build extremely engaged audience that acts on nearly every tweet.

Klout measures influence by measuring nearly 30 different variables.  With our True Reach algorithm we are able to calculate how many people actually pay attention to the user rather than how many followers they have.  This lets us see beyond the spammers, inactive accounts and people who follow everyone they can.  Our Amplification Score indicates how likely any tweet from the user is to be acted upon via replies, retweets or clicking on links.  The Klout Network Score then measures how influential the people are who engage with the user.  These numbers are all analyzed and a 1-100 Klout Score is generated that represents a person’s overall influence.

We are proud to give the influencers the recognition they deserve for making Twitter such an amazing place to connect and share experiences and knowledge.

Each week we will release a new list of influencers for a country.  Here are the countries we have released lists for:

– Brazil

– United Kingdom


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