Are you waiting for your account to update?

Registered users for Klout are able to login and go to the stats page and update their scores every 48 hours.  We’ve gotten many reports over the last few days of people clicking to update their account and being told it was “still processing” for hours (and even days).  We want to apologize to everyone who has ran into this issue.

Last Thursday night Twitter was hit with a denial of service attack.  This is about the same time our issues started.  When their system went down our processing queue started to back up.  We also experienced a sharp increase an API transactions by Klout partners which further impacted our processing queue.  Then on Monday, CoTweet went live with Klout in their system and the load increased further.  Some where along the way Klout users who had manually updated their score got stuck in the queue’s and the updates either took a long time or didn’t happen.

We believe that we have resolved the issue and Klout users should expect the speedy updates and great service they are used to.  If your account still says “processing” or you experience more than a 15 minute delay in updating your account please let us know at support (at) or @klout.

Sorry about the inconvenience.


Need a hot stock tip? Check out the StockTwits 50

Here at Klout we love the Twitter ecosystem.  One of our favorite companies who just happens to have incredibly vibrant community is StockTwits.  To celebrate this, Klout has calculated a special Stocktwits Klout score to identify and reward the individuals most responsible for great conversations about stocks.  You can find the people with the 50 highest StockTwit Klout scores here.

The Stocktwits Klout score does not take into account the performance of stock trades people tweet about. The Stocktwits Klout score is based on the conversations people are having about the stock market. When you tweet about a stock or use the “$$” signifier for Stocktwits, Klout analyzes the tweet and any links shared with our semantic technology. We then track who replies or retweets you when talk about the stock market and how influential that person is. We normalize this data across all Stocktwits users and then our system generates a 1-100 score (higher being better) to represent your Stocktwits Klout. Each user will also have a standard Klout score which represent their influence across Twitter on all topics.  The Stocktwits Klout score is based on a rolling 30 day time period and will be calculated weekly.

The StockTwits Klout score represents a giant step for Klout’s influence measurement technology.  This is the first time we have calculated a individual score based on a community and set of data outside of the main Twitter feed.  Understanding a person’s influence across the various social communities through out the web is one of the next frontiers for us.