This was really exciting!


Klout Scoring Algorithm Changes

Last night we released a major change to the Klout scoring algorithm.  Previously some factors, like retweets, where calculated on a cumulative basis from the time Klout started tracking a person.  We did this because initially most people did not have very many messages retweeted.  Retweets have exploded in popularity and with the changes that Twitter is making to the retweet process we believe this trend will continue.  When calculating a person’s Klout Score we now measure retweets and the associated statistics on a rolling basis.

What does this mean for your Klout Score?  Initially everyone’s score is going to drop.  How far your score drops is going to depend on how often you’ve been retweeted in the last 30 days compared to your overall retweet count.  As the database normalizes over the next week or so the scores will begin to stabilize and then climb again.  If your score hasn’t changed it is likely because you have not processed since the changes were put in place.  If you are curious enough to see what happens to your score you are welcome to login and go to your stats page and click “Update my score”.

We believe the changes that we are making are going to greatly improve the accuracy of the Klout Score.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns, questions in the comments.  Thanks!