Klout tags – Is there meaning behind those 140 characters?

At Klout we’ve always felt that measuring a person’s influence was only meaningful if you could understand what specifically a person was influential about.  To achieve this we run every tweet and every link shared in those tweets through our semantic analysis to abstract out what people are talking about.  The by-product of this analysis are tags we associate to your account and save in our database.  If you look at your content page you can see the ten tags that you have used the most according to our engine.  We feel that this is much more powerful than just tracking keywords that are often used because it allows us to build a taxonomy of authority.

In the coming months we will begin introducing our topic based K-Scores that utilize the semantic tags we are generating from tweets.  You can begin to get a preview of what user has been assigned any specific tag the most by clicking the tag name.  This tag rank page is a new feature that allows you to explore who tweets the most about any specific topic.  This is a great way to discover new people to follow who share similar interest with you!


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