4 ways to use Klout to find amazing new people to follow

Before we officially launched Klout I thought I had curated the most amazing group of Twitter users to follow the world had ever seen.   Using Klout for the last couple of months I’ve realized that the Twitterverse is way bigger and more interesting than I could have ever imagined.  Though Klout was not designed specifically for finding new people to follow, here are a four ways I have used Klout to make the list of people I follow infinitely more amazing.

1.  Check out who influences the people who influence you.

Charlie O’Donnell (@ceonyc) is one of the people Klout names as an influencer of me.  By clicking on his profile image from my Klout profile summary page I am able to then see who influences Charlie.  From here I discovered great people like @kmaverick and @jdrive.  It kind of feels like working my way up the tree of knowledge.

* Note – You may have to tweet out who influences you to unlock the ability to see other people’s profile by clicking on them.

2.  Who else influences the people you influence?

Klout says that I am influencer of my co-founder @binhtran.  By clicking through to his profile I can see who else influences him.  From here I have found some great people to follow and have learned more about @binhtran.  Seeing what other influencers you are grouped with in the mind of your follower is a unique way to find cool new people.

3.  Retweeters of your favorite tweets

When clicking across people’s profiles one of my favorite things to check out is the content tab to see which of their tweets where retweeted the furthest across Twitter.  Often I’ll see a retweet that strikes me as something I surely would have retweeted.  By looking at the other users who retweeted that message I’ve been able to find users that share my very specific interests to follow.

4.  Discover who tweets the most about any term

This is brand new functionality we just rolled out last week and is probably the coolest way to discover people to follow.  When you are on anyone’s “content” page you’ll notice a list of tags.  These tags are generated by running all the links shared and tweets created by the people Klout monitors through our semantic analysis.  The semantic analysis allows us to abstract out whether or not there is any meaning behind those 140 characters.  You can click on the tags you see on anyone’s content page to see who has used that tag the most.  I was able to use this functionality to find other people tweeting about Downtown Los Angeles, where our office is.

My hope is that Klout is as helpful in your search for finding the perfect people to follow as it has been for me.  We would love to hear about any other ways you’ve used Klout as a discover tool!


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