Is ExecTweets a Slap in the Face to Twitter App Developers?

Today Federated Media launched ExecTweets, a place where tweets from top executives across several industries are aggregated with hopes of highlighting the top content.  It’s pretty clear this isn’t just another twitter app however.  First there is the fact that Twitter apparently is in a partnership with Federated Media.  ExecTweets has been given prime advertising real estate on the twitter landing page under the profile information.  I know a lot of app developers (including us) who would kill for this opportunity.  I am also guessing that Federated Media is not subject to the strict rate limiting rules that Twitter imposes on the rest of their developers.

I love Twitter as an app and as a development platform but it’s interesting to notice that they have not recieved near the backlash that Facebook did when they played favorites at the expensive of their developers.  Is this because the rest of the Twitter development community and media at large as even more in love with Twitter than I am?  I like to think that much the same way that Twitter seems to be a totally different company than Facebook that their developers platform would evolve differently but now I am worried.

Looking at Twitters blog they do a nice job at highlighting intersting apps that are built on top of their API.  The new Twitter oath roll out is exciting for developers and the information from this should allow Twitter to create a catalogue of Apps.  As a company aggressively developing on the Twitter platform though I just hope they do their best to keep an even playing field.


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